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"Global Career Intensive" - Language Immersion meets Career Education

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Open to undergraduates in the University System of Georgia.

This 3-day program for freshmen and sophomores showcased the exciting career opportunities that language study opens up for Georgia Tech students in a variety of fields. Participants explored their career interests and learned to leverage German to pursue their long-term professional goals. We learned the tools of career design and career prototyping; met with professionals in the Atlanta area and discussed key current issues in science, technology, and business – all in German!

We had several faculty and professionals give lectures on their work: Sven Behrens, Natalie Stingelin, Michael Nitsche, Markus Rimmele, Martin Brucherseifer, Barbara Heil-Sonneck. They spoke on topics as diverse as the chemistry of foams, sustainable plastic solar cells, video game design, technology management, transport logistics, and small business design. We also hosted the Office of International Education to do an intercultural competence training, and visited the headquarters of Grenzebach Corporations in Newnan, Georgia.

Thank you to all of our guest speakers for going above and beyond to create a wonderful experience for our students!


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