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For Individuals

Discover what kind of work will make you happy. Explore which professional communities you want to call home, and find your own voice in that space.

I have had the pleasure of working with emerging humanities professionals, interdisciplinary scientists, Ph.D. students in language and culture, and first-generation Americans, who have gone on to make an impact in diplomacy, the media, nonprofit, tech, and higher education.

Vintage Compass

Exploratory Coaching

Networking Strategy

Public Speaking & Writing

Job Application Strategy


For Language Departments

Over 681 language departments have closed in the United States within the last ten years. In this environment, Georgia Tech's School of Modern Languages has grown in faculty, staff, enrollments, and degrees offered. 

I have been fortunate to work with numerous faculty on marketing, strategy, and curriculum to increase student opportunities, raise visibility, and integrate career preparedness into the liberal arts experience. 

Chess Pieces

Student Engagement

Career-oriented Curriculum 

Career Education

Administrative Advocacy

A Humanities-Based Approach to Career Success


Who are you? 

Who do you want to be?


What's already happening out in the world?


How will you contribute to the conversation?


Telling future employers how you can help them succeed.

Humanists at Large

a few of the amazing people I've worked with


Leighton Rowell

Communications Officer

Consulate General of Belgium, Atlanta


Writer, Producer, Journalist

Read the story of Leighton's career journey,

from radio production and journalism to international diplomacy. 


Check out her portfolio at 


Jinyi Chu

Assistant Professor of Russian Studies

Yale University

"Jenny was my colleague in grad school. 


When I was applying for academic jobs (in 2018), I struggled with how to put together my teaching philosophy, research statement, and other application materials. Jenny patiently guided me through them. 


She explained to me what was at stake in these documents and how each document would be evaluated by the selection committee. Now, when I need to advise students, I can also share the wisdom that Jenny imparted to me.


Ci Song

Associate Project Manager

Economic Development Lab

Enterprise Innovation Institute

Georgia Tech

Learn about Song's journey, from China to the U.S. and from communications to the innovation tech industry.

Shortly after this story was published, Song transitioned into her current role, a full-time position with Innovation Ecosystems, teaching technology adoption to Chinese corporate leaders.

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